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Presley – I’m Bertha’s son

I’m Bertha’s son is a hybrid of a birthday wish and a love letter to his mother Bertha Mwanza Chibale. Words cant even come close to expressing how much he treasures, cherishes, appreciates and...

Twisted Intro mp3 image 520x245 - TWISTED MIXTAPE ||@Official_zedinmotion

TWISTED MIXTAPE ||@Official_zedinmotion

After creating hit single Spoken Word Poems and Controversial Poetry, Zoe The Poet has delivered his first outlawed lyrical, retro, confusing, old timely, archaic, painful and complex listenable mixtape christened “Twisted“.This is a master...

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Fornication (Poem)_Isabel

Isabel brings to you this amazing and thrilling poem. In this poem, she talks about “Fornication”, and how it has destroyed her relationship with God. She urges people to desist from this terrible vice....